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Welcome to Montana Sky Lodge

We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves as the proprietors of the Montana SkyLodge. We are Bill and Marlene Holayter. Bill and I have both dedicated our careers to being in service to others. We both understand the pressures of a busy life, family, career and the importance of having a place to get away.

As a girl, I grew up in Montana; the awe and beauty of the landscape have always been close to my heart. My Dad had a cabin and we spent many memorable days in the mountains of Montana, celebrating family events, caring for the land, finding endless recreation and moments of solitude.

Our dream was to create a place ~ a retreat; for busy professionals and families to get away and reconnect with nature. We started our project in the fall of 2006 and are proud to introduce and welcome you to Montana SkyLodge. We hope that you’ll come and experience this magnificent space with your friends and family.

Tanti Belli Cosi!

Bill & Marlene

Montana Sky Lodge Innkeepers
Montana Sky Lodge - Solar powered getaway

Sustainability through solar power.

One of the most important decisions we made early in the planning of Montana SkyLodge was to construct a sustainable building that would allow us to offer an “off the grid’ experience to our guests. This is an opportunity to experience first hand, a lifestyle that minimizes our carbon foot print and honors the sustainable of our planet. Today we are totally solar powered. Yes, Montana SkyLodge is on the mountain ‘beyond the power lines’ . We do not take for granted the power of the sun and the use of electricity, as I sit here and type out this message on an energy “eater”, my computer. One of the major issues with carbon emissions is educating all of us on how much electricity we consume. We don’t think about a little light that’s left on and how much energy it’s drawing down our natural resources. It is definitely a new way of thinking and living. Montana SkyLodge has a state of the art kitchen, with all the comforts of home including a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and plenty of lights. But we are conscious of our energy consumption at every corner. We only use CFL’s, incandescent light bulbs. In fact do you know the difference? While using 10 incandescent bulbs, you use 600 Watts of energy. With CFL’s it lowers the consumption to 100 watts of energy! We monitor our intake of natural sun light everyday, which is our source of energy. I am always checking the monitor to make sure I have lots of energy stored before I run the dishwasher, or the vacuum. We switch off certain electrical panels when not in use, these switches close down a section in the kitchen and are great energy savers. As a kitchen is one of the highest consuming rooms in the Lodge, we have learned to make it a part of life, and focus on smart choices.

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